2 way breakout pants

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Cable breakouts, non-heat shrink

small openings 3.5mm or 4.5mm internal

large openings 6mm, 8mm or 11mm internal

(Please note, 2 way 11mm breakout will not fit Canare 4S11 without stripping insulation off cores entirely)



For 4S8 cable I suggest using the 11mm breakout and padding the diameter of the cable with heatshrink, as the 3.5mm openings of the smaller breakout do not fit 2x cores of the 4S8

The 11mm breakout will not fit two cores of the 4S11 cable down each leg without fully stripping the insulation unfortunately, I suggest not using a breakout and simply heatshinking the ends, or use a 4 way breakout. you can fully strip the insulation, twist the copper together and then use a few wraps of teflon tape to insulate at the forking point to avoid risk of shorts.

2way pants
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