Sawtooth Gold Banana Pair

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Banana plugs with 4.5mm cable entry and dual screw cable retention. 

for two cores of Canare 4S11 or similar sized cable, discard the outer shell and use heatshrink over the body.

Sawtooth (BFA) style gives a very tight fit and excellent electrical contact and mechanical strength to cope with heavier cables.

Outer shell diameter 11mm, recommend 12mm heatshrink if oversleeving, shell can be discarded if not required.

SOLD IN PAIRS, one black one red

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10 $5.00 Up to $1.50

For cables over 4mm conductor OD, screws may not screw in far enough for shell to be installed.
I recommend only barely twisting strands together to allow the screw to crush in more, alternatively the screws can be removed and solder can be used.

Please note, there is a small piece of plastic acting as a stopper for the screws in manufacturing and shipping, it should be removed before use.

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